The wealthy businesswoman, the fortune-telling slave girl, the duty-bound jailer they all found a greater thing, a more beautiful thing, a more glorious thing than what they’d been holding on to before. Liberated by Jesus and totally secured, they could lose all confidence in the flesh and find unassailable courage in their redeemer.

Matt Chandler, To Live is Christ / To Die is Gain, p. 45

This is a beautiful rendition of an old hymn by Pacific Gold (formerly Wayfarer).

Check out their new album. They repurpose old hymns with textured, layered sounds and rich melodies and harmonies.

This song from their first EP, The River, draws us into the rich truths of the Gospel, that it is not our good behavior that earn God’s love and approval. Our approval solely comes from Christ’s work for us.

Pacific Gold hail from Seattle but their sound is much different than the indie rock of Mars Hill MusicTheir sound is like a hipster mixture of folk and the Beach Boys. Strange, but in a wonderfully good way. Give them a listen and meditate on what Christ has done for and in us and through us.

Pacific Gold

Here is a masterfully-done music video from the talented John Mark McMillan.

What I really love and appreciate about John Mark and his music is the rawness and honesty that he presents us with. There is no sugar-coating the brutal realities of life. He is real, honest and raw before God.

This is something huge I’ve been learning in my walk with Christ. There is no room for false religion. We need to get out of our heads and be real with where we are at with life, God, and ourselves. This is the beginning of freedom.

Don’t forget to check out his newly-released single: Future/Past.

The Resurgence Halftime Show is awesome! Watch it now and use the above link to get access to the files so you can play it at your Super Bowl party with your friends and family that don’t know Christ.

The testimony of these guys is an awesome testament to the work of Christ in sinful, broken human hearts. Enjoy! Go Hawks!

A Gospel Culture

A Gospel Culture

I’m tiring of living in a Christian culture of false-fronts and shallow community.

What would it look like for the Gospel to take root in a community? In our churches? Our workplace? Our homes? Our marriages? Our parenting? Our leisure?

As Christians we have the unique privilege of being ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ has made us new and given us new desires and a new destiny. This shapes everything we do and everything we are.

My desire as a follower of Christ is to see the Gospel take deeper root in my own soul, and in my life, marriage, church, work, leisure, family—all my activity. I desire to see not only Jesus made known to all who surround me but my longing is for my life, the life of my family, and the life of my friends to take on the fragrance of the Gospel.

This is what I mean by a Gospel culture. I want the radiance of Christ’s work to be so known, enjoyed, cherished, and marinated in that it transforms the culture around me. That I (and we) by God’s grace could be purveyors of a “Gospel culture”, a place where God’s unmerited, radical, and scandalous grace would be known, enjoyed, shown, and taken to the ends of the earth. A place where it to safe to real about your struggles and identity as we seek to help each other find our identity more completely in Christ. A place where it is OK to fail, as long we help each other up by the power of the Holy Spirit and continuing fighting sin and pressing against the gates of Hell.

The Gospel culture starts with God and the life He has placed within us through His Spirit. Let us take the love Christ has shown us and allow that love to radically transform us and the lives of those who surround us. Let us make much of God and His work in Christ in reconciling sinners to Himself. Let us do so in a way that is honest and real, meeting people where they are at.